Materials Formal Ethics 2022

On this page you can find all materials for the Formal Ethics 2022 Conference (papers, slides, handouts, etc.). Accessing these materials requires a password that has been shared by email with registered attendees. If you have registered via email but not yet received a password, please contact Vince Rijnberg at

Matthew Adler, “Person-Affecting Consequentialism: Equity-Regarding, Desert-Neutral, and Repugnant”

Justin Bruner, “Equality, Priority and Collective Decision-Making” 

  • Slides FE Conference*
    *Note that this is an updated version of the slides that were previously uploaded here

Sven Neth, “Rational Aversion to Information”

Melinda Roberts, “Why Population Ethics Should Reject the Principle of Anonymity”

Ralph Wedgwood, “The Reasons Aggregation Theorem” 

Dean Spears and Mark Budolfson, “Why Variable-Population Social Orderings Cannot Escape the Repugnant Conclusion: Proofs and Implications” 

Eleonora Cresto and Diego Tajer, “Neurotic Cake-Cutting” 

Paul McNamara, “Some Conservative Extensions of the DWE Framework for Supererogation and Kindred Notions”

Pamela Robinson and Katie Steele, “Moral Uncertainty, Noncognitivism, and the Multi-Objective Story”

Hayden Wilkinson, “Infinite Aggregation and Risk” 

Robert Beddor, “Noncognitivism without Expressivism” 

Hendrik Rommeswinkel, “Measuring Freedom in Games” 

Dmitry Ananyev, “There Are No Cases in Which You Don’t Make a Difference”

Jake Nebel and H. Orri Stefansson, “Calibration Dilemmas in the Ethics of Distribution” 

Nicolas Côté, “On the Role of Diversity in the Measurement of Freedom”

Kevin Leportier, “On the Meaning of Freedom of Choice in Interactive Contexts”