Our Mission

Formal Ethics applies tools from logic, decision theory, game theory, and social choice theory to the analysis of concepts in moral and political philosophy and to the development of ethical theory, both theoretical and applied. It is a rapidly growing field of research which goes back to the likes of Kenneth Arrow, Cristina Bicchieri, Amartya Sen, John Harsanyi, or Georg Henrik von Wright. Today it gathers researchers working on questions related to the evolution of norms and convention, deontic logic, freedom and responsibility, justice, population ethics, value theory, well-being, and many others. The field includes contributions, not only from philosophy but also from economics, computer sciences and linguistics.

The Formal Ethics Conference series aims at fostering interdisciplinary work in this area. Each conference welcomes contributions that need not be formal in nature, as long as they show familiarity with the resultsof applying formal tools and results to ethical questions.

The conference series aims at being inclusive, with speakers and participants at different stages of their careers (including PhDstudents and post-docs), and scholars from traditionally underrepresented/marginalized groups.