Typically, the conference has been held every two years since 2012.
Upcoming conference:

Formal Ethics 2022: January 7th – 14th, 2022 held online.
(FE 2022 derives from the planned Formal Ethics 2020/21 conference which was to be held in person at Vanderbilt University (Tennessee), but was canceled due to covid-19 restrictions)

Past conferences:

– Formal Ethics 2019 [Link:]: Gent University. Chairs:  Frederik Van De Putte (Ghent & Bayreuth) and Federico Faroldi (Ghent & Frankfurt)

– Formal Ethics 2017 [Link:]: University of York. Chairs: Johan E. Gustafsson, Christopher Jay, Christian Piller, Mozaffar Qizilbash, Jack Warman, Richard Yetter Chappell.

– Formal Ethics 2015 [Link:]. University of Bayreuth. Chairs: Olivier Roy (Bayreuth), Matthew Braham (Bayreuth), Norbert Gratzl (Munich)

– Formal Ethics 2014 [Link:]. EUR Rotterdam. Chairs: Constanze Binder (Rotterdam), Conrad Heilmann (Rotterdam), Attillia Ruzzene (Rotterdam)

– Formal Ethics 2012 [Link:]. LMU Munich. Chairs: Olivier Roy (Munich), Albert Anglberger (Munich), Norbert Gratzl (Munich)