Schedule Formal Ethics 2022

The conference will be held online. Registration is required, but free of charge.

Note well: Days, Dates and Times listed are per UTC – 8 (Pacific Standard Time)

Friday, January 7th
Session 1

1A  Chair, John Weymark
8:00am – 9:00am

Keynote Matthew Adler, “Person-Affecting Consequentialism: Equity-Regarding, Desert-Neutral, and Repugnant”
[Duke University School of Law]
1BChair, Dean Spears
9.15am – 9.45am

9.45am – 10.15am

Justin Bruner, “Equality, Priority and Collective Decision-Making”
[University of Arizona]
Sven Neth, “Rational Aversion to Information”
[University of California, Berkeley]
1CChair, Eleonora Cresto
10.30am – 11.00am

11.00am – 11.30am

Melinda Roberts, “Why Population Ethics Should Reject the Principle of Anonymity”
[College of New Jersey]
Eric Pacuit and Steven Kuhn, “Advocacy Games”
[University of Maryland and Georgetown University]
Saturday, January 8th
Session 2
2AChair, Conrad Heilmann
8.00am – 8.30am     

8.30am – 9.00am

Ralph Wedgwood, “The Reasons Aggregation Theorem”
[University of Southern California]
Dean Spears and Mark Budolfson, “Why Variable-Population Social Orderings Cannot Escape the Repugnant Conclusion: Proofs and Implications”
[University of Texas and Rutgers School for Public Health and Center for Population-Level Bioethics]

2BChair, Ralph Wedgwood
9.15am – 9.45am

9.45am – 10.15am

Eleonora Cresto and Diego Tajer, “Neurotic Cake-Cutting”
[Instituto de Investigaciones Filosóficas, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy]
Paul McNamara, “Some Conservative Extensions of the DWE Framework for Supererogation and Kindred Notions”
[University of New Hampshire]
Thursday, January 13th
Session 3
3AChair, Hendrik Rommeswinkel
4.00pm – 4.30pm         

4.30pm – 5.00pm

Pamela Robinson and Katie Steele, “Moral Uncertainty, Noncognitivism, and the Multi-Objective Story”
[Australian National University]
Hayden Wilkinson, “Infinite Aggregation and Risk”
[University of Oxford]
3BChair, Katie Steele
5.15pm – 5.45pm

5.45pm – 6.15pm

Robert Beddor, “Noncognitivism without Expressivism”
[National University of Singapore]
Hendrik Rommeswinkel, “Measuring Freedom in Games”
[National Taiwan University]
Friday, January 14th
Session 4
4A                                                                                Chair, Olivier Roy
8.00am – 8.30am

8.30am – 9.00am

Dmitry Ananyev, “There Are No Cases in Which You Don’t Make a Difference”
[London School of Economics]
Jake Nebel and H. Orri Stefansson, “Calibration Dilemmas in the Ethics of Distribution”
[University of Southern California and Stockholm University]
4BChair, Paul McNamara
9.15am – 9.45am

9.45am – 10.15am


Nicolas Côté, “On the Role of Diversity in the Measurement of Freedom”
[University of Toronto]
Kevin Leportier, “On the Meaning of Freedom of Choice in Interactive Contexts”
[University Paris 1 Pathéon-Sorbonne]
Final Remarks, Constanze Binder
[Erasmus University Rotterdam]